What is a good accounts receivable turnover ratio for a company

what is a good accounts receivable turnover ratio for a company

The receivables turnover ratio indicates the number of times a company converts its receivables into cash during an accounting period. The higher the ratio. What Is a Good Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio? The ART ratio you aim for should be based on the performance of your industry peers. For. Basically, the receivable turnover reflects how good a company is at collecting payments. It is calculated using the accounts receivable turnover ratio.

What is a good accounts receivable turnover ratio for a company -

The ART will help you identify the sweet spot for extending customers a line of credit. To see if customers are paying on time, you need to look for the income statement. It sells to supermarkets and convenience stores across the country, and it offers its customers day terms. It is useful to track accounts receivable turnover on a trend line in order to see if turnover is slowing down; if so, an increase in funding for the collections staff may be required, or at least a review of why turnover is worsening. While this approach may exhibit a slightly higher ratio number than it should actually be, the purpose may not be to conceal the fact or mislead the users. Furthermore, determining faithful and dedicated customers is not achievable with this ratio. More from Financial statement analysis explanations :. Proactive Receivables Management: Businesses should establish policies for payment reminders and track customer payment behavior. We can do so by dividing the number of days in a year by the receivables turnover ratio. Another method is sending a reminder; the commonest method for doing this is through e-mail marketing. Otherwise, payment will be delayed. A high turnover metric may indicate that the management is adopting an excessively conservative credit policy by which it allows credit sales to only highly creditworthy customers, driving away others to competitors.

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